Holy @#! , MS vs Raymond

MS makes Eric Raymond (one of the last of true hacker & the father of open source) a job offer !! Read Raymond’s reply to it, it is too good šŸ™‚
The news made me literally jump out of my seat.I was like “What the @#!*” ? This is a news bigger than than the Skype-eBay, Oracle-Siebel or Palm – Access Inc deals buzzing in the technology world today šŸ™‚
MS is trying its old stupid tactic of dealing with competition. First ignore them, if that does not work then try to shut them by buying them out. Unfortunately for MS this is not going to work. Seriously open source is the greatest threat to MS which will lead to its doom. Why do I think so , because of late open source (a.ka. peer production) is being seen as serious contender of dominant design for modes of production (not just digital) for 21st century.


  1. Thiyagarajan,
    Thought im a open-source believer myself, im still not completely convinced that M$ is such a evil empire. And we still have a looong way to go before we can change the perception of ppl(not geeks/hackers/it folks) towards linux.

  2. Rajan says:

    Have’nt you read of all the bad things that MS did to quash innovation that were threat to itself. Vermeer !! Spyglas etc.

    Don’t you know about evil things called FAT, fileformats that MS developed.

  3. šŸ™‚
    Yes, completely agree with Vermeer, Spyglas but FAT? evil? Plain stupidity.

    Well, they are just stupid company but a pretty nifty company when it comes to making business. Had it not been for the stupid ideas of IBM, MS wouldnt have existed in the first place.

    Of course i see that MS has redefined excellence as something that works without crash atleast for a few hours. lol

  4. Kiran says:

    holy $#!^ I am dying laughing after reading this article. Is this for real !!!!?

  5. Rajan says:

    hi shashank,

    I call FAT evil because, windows or dos works only if there is only one primary FAT ( FAT being designed that way). MS did those because they did not want users to install anything else other than MS OS.

    Any company that grows big , brings with it lot of beauracracy , immobility etc.(IBM here)

    But the case with MS was that it was evil ever since its conception. Well Iam not in the category of those who brick bat MS just for the heck of it but I do think MS has quashed lot of innovation just for its own existence.[ First instinct of any
    cretaure of nature is survival] but when go above it that we incalculate lot more values šŸ™‚

    hey vakiba,
    you bet man this is as real as it can get, me too was laughing like anything reading the reply that eric gave.

  6. Thanks for that info Rajan. Didnt know that!

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