Marc Canter in Gurgaon

Gaurav from Gurgaon reports that Marc Canter is going to be in Delhi/Gurgaon on september 20th. Tekriti the company that Gaurav/Ashish run is going to host a microcontent blogging dinner on that day. Thats really great news !
If you are in & around Delhi at that time do attend that event. I like Marc’s blogging style, he reallys speaks his mind out, it should be fun talking to him. If it were a week or so later I could have planned to be there but could not be there on 20th 😦
Apart from other things that Gaurav mentioned about Marc I think he is one of those very FEW persons who understands the dynamics/economics & the technology of microcontent very well, so do listen to what this microcontent evangelist has to say 🙂
Marc I am unable to comment on your blog though I obtained a valid Typekey login, looks like there are some issues. Do check it out.
Ashish & me are participating in debate whether Bangalore can be called Silicon Valley of India and Marc you refer to Gurgaon as Silicon Valley of Delhi,it is not quite fair. I have been in Delhi & Gurgaon for very long to know that Gurgaon is not in anyway closer to a Silicon Valley which is the reason why I moved to Bangalore from Delhi/Gurgaon. Apart from possibly FSS, Tekriti I don’t know of any other technology companies in Gurgaon. Ofcourse there are many IT services companies and tons of BPO companies there.
Btw Marc any plans of coming to Bangalore ??

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