He is a riskmaster

Some RAOB (Random Act of Browsing) led me to this talk by Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson in Standford , I am not sure whether it is a recent one but it is just excellent.
In the talk Tim sings a song called “He is the riskmaster”, it starts something like “Invested all his Mattress money”. It is a cool song with great guitar chords, the lyrics was written by Tim himself.
Tim had attended an event with a very unique auction prize: in which Scott Crago of The Eagles would produce a song using auctionee’s original lyrics. Tim won the auction and wrote “The Riskmaster.” In the talk he also mentioned that when you call DFJ office and you are put on hold, this is the song you hear.
I have never seen a VC like this who sings a song,plays guitar in the air. One thing really admirable was the energy that he displayed.
Surely he meant it when he said “he is a riskmaster” helping people changes the world.

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