You can’t help but take notice

Of late I have been I have been stumbling acorss these guys and their sites more than often. Gaurav & Ashish. Not only has Marc been driving ode’s of traffic to their blogs & sites but even some of my search terms lead me to their pages which indicate the rising popularity of these people. These two from IIT have setup a company called Tekriti software in gurgaon, where they are architecting solutions using the web 2.0 technologies. (Ajax & Lazzlo).
I find their offering very good. They are working on stuff which is still not mass – market(but will be), establishing themselves as leaders in this space. They have operations in India which means terrific cost advantage for BroadMechanics & Ourmedia who are their clients. Satyam/Infy/TCS/CTS of the world are probably still blind to these technologies as it is very nascent but when they would they might eye tekriti as acq target to build competencies on those areas quickly. Gaurav & Ashish may have other plans though !! They are an excellent example of viral marketing ( It is working fantastically for them). This post itself acts like a viral link for them 🙂
If you are in gurgaon and like startups meet these guys in their gurgaon office, Ashish seems to be doing a lot of hiring these days. If it were a few months ago when I was in gurgaon I could have gone and met these guys and known more about them.

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  1. Ashish says:

    ahemm… am quite flattered 🙂 Glad that you find our work interesting!

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