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It is in AJ’s blog that I see very interesting posts about events in & around bangalore. He posts all the TiE events that happen. Now that I am a member of TiE I thought I would do a little bit of my part in spreading the word about TiE events. You might find this useful especially if you don’t have his blog on your blogroll/feedreader and like this kind of stuff.

Dear Mr. Thiyagarajan,

Please mark your calendar and register for an exciting TiE Networking Meeting on
Monday, 20th June 2005.

“Transformation from Concept to Productization –
How a Startup did it in the Post-boom Era?

Ameesh Divatia, CEO, Aarohi Communications Inc.
Shanti Subbaraman, Founder, Managing Director, Aarohi Communications, India.

Aarohi Communications Inc. was founded in the year 2001, a time when market conditions were tough even for established players. Aarohi began with the concept of applying data networking trends to storage area networking. Though seemingly simple at the concept level, it took an enormous amount of effort in transforming that concept into a real product. Today, Aarohi Communications, with its development activities in Bangalore and Silicon Valley, is the industry leader in the Intelligent SAN Components space and is synonymous with ‘intelligent storage processing’.

When Aarohi set out its operations in Bangalore as a product focused company in a software services dominated market, the challenge to ‘productization’ was even bigger. The lack of technology expertise added to the list of challenges as the company set about building a team that will create the next industry paradigm in the IT datacenter. This TiE session will provide valuable insights gained by the high-tech startup in transforming its concept to a leading product by shedding light on its challenges, approaches and outcomes.

Ameesh Divatia is the Chief Executive Officer at Aarohi Communications, the provider of Intelligent SAN Components that enables a new generation of intelligent storage networking platforms. Ameesh was responsible in identifying the founding team in early 2001 and in arranging the seed funding. He has built it to be widely recognized as the leading provider of enabling technology by virtue of its award winning products and market traction in the rapidly emerging intelligent storage networking market.

Prior to joining Aarohi, Ameesh was Chief Product Strategist for the Optical Transport Business Unit at Cisco Systems. Ameesh came to Cisco through the acquisition of PipeLinks, Inc where he was the founder and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to that, Ameesh held various management positions at 3Com, AMD and Allied Telesyn where he drove all aspects of product definition, architecture, development and applications support.

Ameesh received a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Irvine and earned his Bachelor of Electronics Engineering degree from the M. S. University of Baroda.

Shanti Subbaraman is the Director of Software Engineering and Managing Director of Aarohi Communications, India. Shanti has 18 years of engineering, management and lead architect experience in computer networking and systems software. Prior to co-founding Aarohi Communications, Inc. and setting up the Aarohi Bangalore centre four years ago, Shanti worked at Enthink, Wipro Infotech R&D and Digital Equipment Corporation.

At Wipro, Shanti managed a team that was responsible for design and development of communications products that included LAN Terminal Server, Remote Access Server. Before joining Wipro, she worked with Digital Equipment Corporation in Massachusetts in the areas of intelligent networking and network management. Shanti was instrumental in winning and executing the first offshore software exports contract for Digital Equipment (India) Ltd. and helped set up the SEEPZ Remote Delivery Center for the company.

Shanti holds an M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon and a B.Tech., degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Date : Monday 20th June 2005

Time : 6.30 PM

Place : Vijay Nagar Hall, Taj Residency, Bangalore

Event Sponsors : Aarohi Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Non Member Meeting Fee : Rs. 350/-

Participation through registration mail Alfio Aquien at alfio@tiebangalore.org or call 2212 0009 Xtn-185.

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