Primer – A movie that just blows your mind

I had been hearing rave reviews about the movie Primer( a sci-fi ) since the past 3-4 months and I was dying to see it. Sometime in april with great difficulty I tracked down its torrent and downloaded it. Took me 2 – 3 days to download it, but the wait was really worth it. The first time I saw it, I could not figure out the head or tail of the movie. Now I saw it again, I have understood it a little more so now I can blog something it 🙂

“In simple words this movie just blows your mind”

When I go out for a movie with a friend of mine (esp the Indian movies) he asks me to remove my brain and then watch movies, well this movie is just the extreme opposite of it. You have to apply your mind all the time, even if you miss a few phrases, it will be very difficult to follow.

This is a movie for the geekiest of geeks and nerdiest of the nerds, others please don’t watch it :), I am quite sure you would’nt like this movie. It would alseo be a dissappointment for you if you are expecting some whiz-bang effects like in Matrix or Starwars in this movie as there is none.

It is a movie that makes you think, think real hard , twists your brain, inside out !! It is way too hard, fun & better than ‘Intercal‘ or ‘brainfuck

This movie won the Sundance 2004 award. It was shot/directed/acted/edited by just one guy called Shane Carruth for a total budget not exceeding 7000$. ( WoW !! )

Well I am not going to make this post a spoiler for the movie but would give some small tidbits of the movie.

There are four basement hackers(really only 2) who are tyring to put some product together and hope/wait for some VC funding.( Is’nt that itself a romantic for any geek/nerd 🙂 ). They try to put together a product, an error correcting device and some experiment of the experiment results that they achieve astound them.

The age old idea of time travel concept is orchestrated well in the movie and the way it is manifested is nothing less than a genius. (

The tagline of the movie is ” If you always want what you can’t have, what do you want when you can have anything?” (Trailer )

As someone in a review site put it, it is an intellectual thriller. I am going to buy the DVD of this movie on the very first chance I get.

Well if you are all pepped by this post and would like to watch this movie. (then here is the tracker torrent that I used to download , I don’t own it and neither can I gaurantee that it would still work).

If you are around in India, then I can burn it into Cd’s and snail mail it to you. Ofcourse you have to bear the cost of Cd’s and postage for yourself :).

Note: I am not interested in gaining any commercial advantage out of it, I am just interested in promoting this movie and further down the line build a fan community !!


  1. Santhosh says:

    Keep ’em coming. Hollywood releases suck this summer.

  2. Rajan,

    If its not illegal to make copies, I am waiting for you to snail mail the movie to me.


  3. ironhide says:

    I am downloading it too..found a good torrent..close to 50kbps

    but all the reviews on the net sound awesome..wonder why we still have to suffer movies like “bunty and babli” 😦

  4. Hey Rajan,
    was trying to download this movie..but could’nt..:-(
    did’nt this movie hit the theatres?

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