Google is Not Evil , Not anymore

“Google is not evil” is (was) a guiding philosophy at google and it provided google a great strategic asset/resource in the world that was dismayed by the dotcom bust and torn by scandals at likes of WorldCom and Enron.

Of late I have been reading news which indicates that it’s asset is eroding as google seems to be putting that guiding principle to a back seat.

Today I tried to send an attachment(~ 4.5mb) through my gmail account, gmail did not allow me to do so stating that my attachment which was a .tgz contains a binary file and it is being restricted for security reasons. Now that is highly absurd and evil, who gave gmail the permission to read my attachments, a tgz file. The privacy page of gmail does not talk about scanning the attachments.

Some more Google and evil links here.

Google vs Evil @ wired

Google & Autolink

Darknest’s Gmail account was been terminated by Google because of suspicious files stored in his account.

Animated Gif for Adsense.



  1. viyyer says:

    talking about not being not evil , the google employee who was sacked for blogging
    well, looking from the other side is that Google is a corporation again. has to manage things it’s own way and why don’t you just enjoy the entertailment 🙂

  2. Rajan says:

    Google was not like other corporations before but sadly it has become now which is what I rambled out.

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