Indian Ocean and Strings Concert at IIM-B

I was under the impression that this is going to start at 8.00 but it started well before that so I almost entirely missed Indian Ocean ( this sufi rock band is what I actually wanted to check out ) playing. Then there was a break during which a guy from the college (who should have never be let into any stage of any kind ) was screeching throwing out stuff at the crowd and also endorsing the sponsors. Then it was Strings turn to play. They played last year in my college fest and heard good reviews about these folks I could not last 2 songs of this badnd, I don’t know what is it that people find in this band that they call rock. All in all it was wastage of my money ( 5o bucks ticket + travel 150) . One good thing though that happened was I got to meet with 2 of my classmates from college here in the concert 🙂

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