A new way of Learning

My Own Bubble Meme. Bubblegeneration is one fantastic blog.
There are cool concepts and insights that I learn from this site everyday. This blog has helped me to think about technology in a way I had never thought about before.

Importantly it has shattered some of myths that I had.

Myth 1 The most important one I would consider is MBA’s are all who know only how to count their money. (Bubblegen speak would call it as “MBA’s are beancounter” )
Reality “No Not all MBA’s are not beancounter.”

Myth 2 For anything product to be succesful, it has to be technologically superior, more efficient and cost effective.
( I guess this kind of thinking comes from the fact that we are led to think that you have a better algo if the algo consumes less space and be more fast.) Reality Dominant design are the products that are more successful.

One difficulty that I face while reading this blog this that I hav’nt heard or known many of the concepts and terms[technology stuff] used in this blog.
Another difficulty is that I do not get to read any of the articles which are subsription based and thus miss many of the points in the posts. Well I guess I can’t do anything much about the second point , unless I get subscription or some of the relevant portions of the article are also published for the purpose of critique.

But I can very well do something about the first point, spend some time and pick some of these concepts,ideas. I like these posts so very much that I am ready to spend time to understand them more and think in good manner.
I had some to kill while I was between jobs, so I downloaded the archives of bubblegen and read them and simultaneously aggregated and categorized them according to my convenience. In addition to just reorganizing the blog , I have with the help of net, books(online and offline ) and other sources (friends @ B School) have picked up manyy concepts.
This re-organization/learning I figure would be an ongoing process. So I have decided to do it in parts , In the first part I have aggregated the archives of 2003. Part 2 (first half of 2004)Part 3 ( second half of 2004)
There are many questions unanswered/unexplored in first part itself. I will update them as and when I pick ’em up.

This organization have come up in a very good way that I decided to blog them bcoz 1. This learning is going to be a continous process.2. It will stay up there in my meme, which I can access from anywhere and everywhere 3. It will help any other reader of bubblegen(like me ) who wants to first know concepts in order to understand bubblegen better

I am loving strategy so much,I would say that strategizing is non linear higher order ( 2nd, 3rd and further higher order) thinking.

Here is my part 1 of the meme

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