MBA blogrolls

Those of you who visit my blog frequently might find the fact odd that I talk about wanting to be an entrepreneur but then have so many Management grad’s on my blogroll. Well one of the reason I have so many of Management guys on my blogroll is to find out what these folks at…More

A guide to find an Idea

think creating a business is about filling empty space. There is empty space everywhere. How many times today you felt a service or a product was perfectible ? How many times you needed something that no company actually provides ? This is empty space. Just consider how big is the demand for this empty space…More

Search Feature in Books

At college I used to always feel that books should have a search feature like we have a search functionality in PCs. has come with this new feature which allows one to search inside the book(content of the book). It has one of the largest digital content archive. If I have to look about…More

Air Deccan

“Air Deccan” which started recently is something that I am following up very regularly. I so much wish it to succeed. This has a potential to cause a a disruption……… Chairman G R Gopalakrishnan of Air Deccan says “Modern customer is very cost conscious. and then would forego little pleasures” I have this opinion ”…More

Meaning to blog

Many are largely of the opinion that personal blogs would become another fad and would exist in the same state that personal websites do. That made me think about my own blog. I basically started this as an personal information management system. To capture my thoughts, to increase my learning(simple formula for: learning = reading…More

killer Apps

Killer Apps are really somthing that really thrill me. Killer app is a new good or service that establishes an entirely new category and, by being first, dominates it, returning several hundred percent on the initial investment. The personal computer, electronic funds transfer, and the first word processing program are all examples of killer apps.…More

Blog that should be interesting

This blog thing is taking the world like storm. More and more people are getting familiarized with it everyday. But I guess there is still more popularity and acceptance that needs to be generated about this thing called blog. There are so many cool people out there who have amazing blogs. There are still so…More

Bill Joy’s Fortune Interview

Bill joy had this interview with Fortune recently and spoke at length about a couple of things. I completely flipped my lid about his world views was when I read an April 2000 essay published in Wired magazine on Why the future doesn’t need us. It spoke of how our most powerful 21st-century technologies –…More

Music and Innovation

I listen to certain bands/songs and I have always wondered why a certain kind of band/song strike me the very first time I listen to them and I get hooked on to them. Some of these bands include Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and many more. I guess I know the reason why I like…More

New blogs from guys doing MBA

I have to mention about a couple of blogs that I stumbled upon today. Here is the blog of an IIMK guy which I discovered today Sathish Sathish Decently good blog Venkat at the IIM-L. He comes across as a down-to-earth, simple but brilliant chap. Again, I am impressed by the honesty in this blog…More

Average package

An article in the economic times gave the following data that was some food for thought. Average starting salary for, IITian in India = Rs. 2.4 lacs pa IIMite in India = Rs. 6 lacs pa IITian in the US = $40k pa Engg. PhD = $60-70k pa Finance PhD = $140k pa Of course…More

Services Company and Product Company

Had this interesting discussion with my friend on the differences of career graph in a big IT ‘product company’ or an IT ‘services company’. The gist of it was that a career at ‘Services company’ is first ‘Generalization’ and later ‘Specialization’ and in a product company it is ‘Specialization’ and then later ‘Generalization’. In a…More

B School course content

I think b-school course content per se, is huge considering the time that is given to complete it. There can’t be an MBA course running for three, four relaxed years because that would eat into an individual’s productive life. So there is no other way except to stuff courses into three-month periods. I am told…More

Growth as Objective

One should not take growth as an objective for himself, it is basically a by product of doing things right. Fundamental errors get made when people do optimization with growth as the objective function.More


I had been using the services of to keep up with various blogs that I used to check out. Now I found a new service at which allows me to get blog updates on to my mailbox. This is seem to work for me fine. I could not get Info Aggregator work for…More

Visit to Ahmedabad

I haven’t been blogging for the past three four days. I had been to Ahmedabad to meet a dear friend of mine who is studying at IIMA. I should say that the IIMA campus is just awesome. It looks really beautiful in dimly lit light in the night. There I heard about the some really…More

Seven New Grand challenges for Computer Science

From since when I was very young I was always very fascinated with electronics, gadgets.Radio was one device which was all the more fascinating to me. When I made the decision to do engineering my orient was to do a electronic engineering from a premier college in the country. Later I joined for Computer science…More

Highly effective entrepreneurs

This is what Stephen Covey says are the traits of highly effective entrepreneurs. One, They are continually learning and growing Two, they are service oriented. Three, they radiate positive energy. Four, they believe in other people Five, they lead balanced lives Six, they see life as an adventure. Seven , they are synergistic and finally…More

The Deferred Life Plan

Rajesh’s post on this topic of Entreprenuers ( TECH TALK: An Entrepreneur’s Early Days (Part 2) ) is something that I really love. He quotes from Randy Komisar’s book “The Monk and the Riddle” in today’s post. “The Deferred Life Plan” For the promise of full coverage under the plan, you must divide your life…More


Life is like a book and they are made of many chapters. Well these days I am trying to define the broad frames to chart/write out the ‘ChapterNext’ of my life. This chapter would be later indexed as ‘Chapter 8’ Chapter 1 {Class(1-4) [1981 – 1990]} Chapter 2 {Class(5-9) [1990 – 1995]} Chapter 3 {Class(10-12)…More