Success Pressure

Came across this excellent article on FastCompany which gives advice on dealing with competition and success pressures.More

Vasant’s Blog

Added Vasant’s blog to my blogroll. He was my classmate at College, now he is XLRI. He was the most hardworking guy that I have ever known, used to work almost like a robot with utmost precision. He was nicknamed Vasantics for that. It would be quite interesting to check out his posts.More

Some Definitions/Thoughts

Someone pointed to me that I have’nt been posting much on the two things ( Business /Technology ) that I have mentioned in the title of the blog. So here are some of my definitions/random thoughts on it. Business to me loosely means making profit out of the sale of goods or service.It has a…More

Google is it still alive

Pagerank is dead is what many say. Check this interesting blog post which explains the demise of PageRank, the heart and soul of Google. Many say blogs are the reason but there is much more to it than just blogs. Interestingly I found my blog ranks first on search ‘Rajan’ in google.More

Internet Fascination

The dotcom may have busted, VC’s may have stopped investing into dotcoms, but I am still fascinated with the Internet. There is a lot of it which remains to be understood, to be utilized. It is still a high breeding ground of disruptive ideas. Internet is an agreement for end to end connectivity. Content is…More


Check out this blog called Indiblog and give your nominations. Description as given in the blog about itself “Welcome to 2003 IndiBlog Awards, our own desi version of the Bloggies. The IndiBlog Awards would be publicly-chosen awards conferred upon bloggers from India or of Indian origin settled elsewhere.”More

3rd Delhi Ryze Mixer

I have’nt been blogging regularly recently , both timewise and contentwise. For instance did not post about being a member on ryze. Just like this blog, being on ryze has enabled me to meet a very diverse set of people. See my ryze profile at Today the 3rd Ryze Delhi mixer was held. I…More

Hits to blog

I am getting a lot of hits to my blog. I saw today that I was referenced by Sayan’s BlogMore

Brand called Me

Now this sounds a little bizzare to some with whom I have discussed this but I do consider myself as a brand. I should take steps and perform activities which would help me create the brand called me. According to me Rajesh Jain is brand by himself, Anil Dash is brand and so is Om…More

Brand called IIIT

“Brand” is a very very powerful concept, it deals the power of influence . I have seen couple of people loathe the idea of brand for the unnecessary floss it creates but nonetheless I love the concept of brands very much. Recently had been thinking quite a lot about the brand value/image of IIIT right…More

a better dictionary

Arnab’s blog have a suggestion for better dictionaries HyperDictionary . This is indeed a better dictionary , I have started using this and it is really better than dictionary.comMore

Interesting ways to find Ideas

A quote that I recently read about how to find ideas “Attention-seizing, outlandish ideas are easy and fun to concoct. Far more difficult is to pick future directions that are likely. My preferred way for doing this, which has served me well, though not flawlessly, for the last 30 years, is this: Put in a…More

Playing A Violin With Three Strings

Read this ancedote on the net. This story did strike quite an impact on me. On Nov. 18, 1995, Itzhak Perlman, the violinist, came on stage to give a concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. If you have ever been to a Perlman concert, you know that getting on…More

Khosla on Entreprenuership

Read this interesting presentation in Vinod Khosla’s web page about entreprenuership. “Entrepreneurship is about… those who dare to dream the dreams and are foolish enough to try and make their dreams come true”More

Reliance Developer contest

Check out this contest from Reliance Infocomm which is called Dhirubhai Ambani Developer’s Program . I am planning to send some entries. Working on a couple of ideas. Let me see how things turn out.More

Matrix Revolutions

Today I watched ‘Matrix Revolutions’. On the overall I would say I liked the movie but it did not have the wow effect of the first one or logical depth of the second one. But still it had some surprises thrown in the movie in the form of graphics and image processing involved in the…More


Today it was a pretty exciting day for me. I bought a guitar today, it is a sleek looking black coloured hobner accoustic guitar. Now I wish & hope to learn playing the guitar very soon and possibly do some innovative music using a guitar. đŸ™‚More


I attended a rock show by ‘parikrama’ today. They played at MDI gurgaon. As usual they played some real good numbers , they started with two of their original composition ‘vapourize’ and the another one that they had done along with usha uthup on an MTV show. They played numbers by AcDc, Pink FLoyd, Def…More

Career Formula

The following is an interesting read Career Calculus Here the author(Eric.Weblog) gives a formula for one’s career. Excerpts from the post ” Focus on the first derivative. Remember your introductory calculus? Probably not. You were either a horny high school senior or a hung-over college freshman, so you weren’t paying attention. But there in the…More