Best time in Mobile Industry

2008 has been the year of open source causing serious impact in the mobile industry but I could not imagine Symbian getting open sourced and that is exactly what Nokia has announced to do after acquiring Symbian. This has very long term implications for the mobile industry.  One can expect to see business model innovation…More

Finally Om in India.

           Recently learnt that Shailaja Neelakantan is joined as a contributing blogger to GigaOm from India. As far as I understand she is based out of Delhi which is not precisely all the technology action is in India but I am glad that atleast she is based out of India. I have ranted many times…More

Webyantra – Techcrunch for India

I keep complaining about the need for a gigaom for India, it is great to see a techcrunch coming up. Amit Ranjan an entrepreneur, who heads the Indian office of Uzanto has started a separate blog called Webyantra which is poised to act as the techcrunch for India.      I like the name webyantra…More

Easy way to get job in Google

Many computer science students ( B.Tech, Masters or Ph.D) dream of going to work for Google. Few friends I know whhave already interviewed for google and are going to join google in short time in both bangalore and hyderabad. But I am amazed at how much amount of time google spends in interviewing them. They…More

web 2.0 in India

   Alok Mittal at Venturewoods refers to recent buzz/rumour about Facebook being valuated at 2 billion $. Certainly Facebook valued at $ 2 billion is a little too high and if one does calculate it should be around $ 750 million. IMHO these valuation are not a sign of bubble. I think these days anything…More

Talk on “Open standards and open source”

Attended a talk yesterday on open source and open standards by Dr. Bob Sutor who is the VP of standards and open source at IBM. He is evangelizing open source and open standards in a pretty big way. Open source is one of those often discussed and debated topics all the time and hence I…More

Barcamp Hyderabad

I had ranted earlier about how cool barcamp would be and my not being able to go to Delhi to attend it, since then a few of us here in hyderabad got together and thought of getting a barcamp organized here in hyderabad and voila we have BarcampHyderabad now :D. We originally thought of having…More

To All My Geek friends and other Geeks in the World

I had been thinking to write this post for very long and I could pen it finally today. There was a chapter in the book of my life when I was a geek (an undoubted one at that, I can produce proof of it if you want me to 😀 ). It was chapter 4…More

Mauj may have mauj

But only for a short while. Just read this piece of news on contentsutra that mauj had a 10 million round from westbridge, sequoia & intel capital ! I don’t think it’s a news to celebreate. Because the business of mauj(ringtone) has already reached its peak if not started its decline. Also the business model…More

Barcamp in Delhi

Very Exciting things happening !! A barcamp is being organized in Delhi. If you are new to the terminology then check out Nivi’s post on how barcamp came about. Wish I could go to delhi to attend that :(, I moved out from delhi thinking all technology action is to happen in Hyderabad and Bangalore…More

Tech blog network in India

ITVIDYA is blogging network focussed for technology blogs, a first of its kind in India, I met Ajay Sanghani on monday evening at ISB and we had a pretty interesting discussion about the concept of IVIDYA and how it could lead to an immense value generation. It already has very interesting posts and members as…More

Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

John Hagel and Seely Brown have an excellent article in Businessweek on the difference between invention and innovation. The article though written for a general reader is more accessible to people with managerial background. But nonetheless the arguments made in the article are quite excellent.The difference between the two is very favourite subject of mine,…More

Technologist & Researcher

“Technologist and Researcher –  what is the difference between the two?” a friend quizzed me  some time ago. I thought I will blog about it as this will act as a supplement of a recent post of mine.     Long ago someone gave me this interesting perspective to look at this  which I find a lot useful even if it is…More

end to end bluetooth

   Needless to say that stuff like this are going to be a huge play & this is going to disrupt a large number of plays.  A year ago we might have been discussing such possibilities now  they have taken shape in reality.       ” CoolZone is a Bluetooth-based, end-to-end solution. Retailers such as…More

Claim to first

         Contentsutra profiles a hyd based company NowPos which claims to have relased the world’s first voicemail service. Karat then casts some doubts about the b-model about it, inserting a 10sec ad into the voicemail.  Is’nt it is so easy to claim to be the “world first” without doing any looking around. Check…More

wireless lookout

       Two wireless technologies to watch out for that could be a disruptive play in days to come.  xMax product(it also got /.ed here) and the other one in the Indian space corDECT released by Midas Communication (backed by the TeNet group at IITM , Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala a key person behind this…More

interesting conference

        I am surprised that such a kind of conference is happening but it is a step in the right direction.  Geeks & economists colloborating to think about techno-socio-econmic issues surrounding the network economies. WINE 2005: The 1st Workshop on Internet and Network Economics        More

Brewing the future well

         I was going through some of the slides at Qualcomm BREW conference held back in June in San Diego . ( I wish that the Indian BREW conference proceedings/videos are also published  likewise).  I have heard about BREW quite long ago but having looked at it in a little more detail…More

Moore’s Law Truths & Myths

    Anyone has to do anything with computing world would have read & quoted Moore’s Law, it is like the holy grail of the computing industry. I just read this fascinating article @ firstmonday that does a thorough analysis of some fallacies behind it & also the true implications about this law.      On a…More