MoMo Global and Back

Last week I was in Helsinki and St.Petersburg attending the Mobile Monday global summit. Thanks to the invitation from the folks of Mobile Monday Global/Helsinki I had a great week meeting some cool companies and making many amazing friends across the globe in the late night sun of Finland and chilly winds of Russia. Though…More

Mobile Media MoMo India

I was’nt super excited in feb MoMo but was very happy about MoMo in  Marchespecially the demo part ( from Mango Technologies) it went great. I am sure Sunil and his team from Mango had a lot to take back from MoMo. I am very excited about this MoMo, both the topic and demo.  The…More

MoMo Demo Experience

Experience with doing the MoMo Demo on monday could described best as a little lack luster. It is little hard to say that for an event that you try to coordinate but that is how I would best describe it. But I think the best part of doing an open/informal conference is that you have room to experiment new things and…More

Wifi & Demos in MoMo

  This months MoMo scheduled on coming Monday (26th Feb)  is going to be very exciting.  First of all there is going to be an interesting talk on state/market of Wifi in India which I had been following very closely in the last few months plus we will be demoing WWIGO which is currently in…More

Mobile VAS – A telecom operator’s perspective

     A post that I was writing for the bangalore momo blog by mistake got published here as well, sorry if that caused junk in your feed reader.   Nonetheless after quite much delay the september momo event has been announced and this time again we have a discussion on VAS but now from an…More

Mobile Monday Delhi Intro

Click to Play As a first thing with my connection up let me try to post a video. This is video of MoMo Delhi introduction where those present give a quick intro about themselves and also a feature that would like in their mobile ( exteremely useful for developers & de This video was originally…More

Network Intelligent or Stupid

Rajiv mentions in his recent post about an interesting discussion that surfaced in the mobile monday meet about design of network architecture. Where should the intelligence lie in a network? It is a quite an important discussion and I will add my two bits to the meme here.  As Rajiv pointed out that those who…More

Momo Bangalore July event update

Mobile Monday Bangalore July event had a great turnout, the Mobile Monday blog has been updated with the presentation from the speakers. In the meet we decided that going forth the 4th Monday of every month would be marked for holding Momo Bangalore event.  Check out the photos here.  From the next meet onwards we…More

Mobile Monday at Delhi

Prashanth announces the launch of mobile monday in Delhi. Mobile Monday Delhi : “Mobile 2.0: Future Trends and Technology” When? 05 August 2006 ( Mark your calender ,it’s on weekend) Where? Adobe Systems India Private Limited Adobe Towers I-1A, City Centre, Sector : 25A Noida – 201301 Tel # 91-120-2444711 Want to participate ?? Register…More

Mobile Monday Bangalore July Meet

This months’ Mobile Monday is going to be held on 24th July. Due to request from many who would be attending MoMo the date has been shifted from 17th to 24th july.  We would be sticking to 4th monday of a month mostly from now on. Thanks to effort from Veer we have launched the…More

Mobile Monday Mumbai First Meet Thoughts

        I am just back from Mumbai first Mobile Monday event and it was a wonderful  evening. Despite the best efforts of the Mumbai rains to disrupt the first meet Veer could successfully gather a wide variety of people from different segements of the mobile media value chain.Kudos Veer ! It was nice to meet…More

Mobile Monday Mumbai

       Mumbai Chapter of Mobile Monday has been announced. Here are more details. When: Monday, July 3rd, 2006 7 pm onwards Where: Netcore Solutions, Lower Parel, Mumbai [Address and Directions] Speakers and format of the event is as follows. Introductions Rajesh Jain, MD, Netcore Solutions Mobile Internet for Emerging Markets Pankaj Sethi, VP –…More

Mobile Monday Bangalore first meet update

I am just back from kicking off the first Mobile Monday Bangalore(India) meet and it was thrilling to meet many mobile enthusiasts. Since this was just a small kickoff meeting and the main intent of the meeting was to discuss about Mobile Monday we had expected only 10 people to turn up but about 20…More

MoMo meet

I would be in bangalore over the weekend and on monday few of us would be meeting up for the first MoMo bangalore meet. Details are below. Date: 19th June, Monday Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm Venue: Koshy's Chill Out Cafe, St Marks Road.     Aztec Soft, #23, 3rd A Cross, 18th Main, 6th Block,…More

MoMo India

        As the interests for a mobile monday so far is  sparsely spread across the country , it made sense to create a mobile monday india yahoo group as well. You can join here. We plan to colloborate & exchange notes here and as momentum builds up in each city focus then in each…More

Local Momo…..more

 Mike replied to my queries on setting up of Mobile Monday. He said it involves no formal process and it is as simple as setting a wiki/blog and getting interested people to meetup :). So we (Rajiv& me) have started work on that front and have created a mobile monday bangalore yahoo group, register here…More

Local Momo

       Long since I have been ranting about the lack of MoMo in India (my previous rant here).Today I was having a conversation with Rajiv and during the conversation the lack of local MoMo thought came back again & together we decided that we should go ahead and setup a local MoMo chapter…More

When is next

      There is a huge interest in having the next barcamp. Everyone seems to want to have another barcamp:).  Ramesh suggested that we have the next barcamp around the theme of "Mobile Applications & App Infrastructure" a couple of months later(around mid July). IMO it is a great topic to have and we have started seeking…More