TV more interesting but still same

I watch lot more TV these days in comparsion what I used to do a year ago and that is probably the reason I get lesser time to blog :). Either the channels are churning interesting stuff or I am becoming less averse to the kind of programming that I once used to hate ,…More

Big Media vs Individual – Indian Media

Nikhil has spurred up an interesting conversation @ contentsutra about big media and individual content creators.Read the entire post and don’t miss out the comments section as it has pretty important thoughts.I have been following this debate in many places and now it’s spilled over to this side of the globe. As much as I want…More

wwigo: cameraphone as webcam – public beta

There has been no post on this blog from me since long as the last couple of weeks had kept us extremely busy on our new release. I am happy to say now that early this week wwigo was released into public beta. It is available for free for download, so if you have Nokia…More

Note in BW

     We were covered in  the dealtracker section in BW in this weeks’ edition, blogged about it in detail on the motvik blogMore

Wifi & Demos in MoMo

  This months MoMo scheduled on coming Monday (26th Feb)  is going to be very exciting.  First of all there is going to be an interesting talk on state/market of Wifi in India which I had been following very closely in the last few months plus we will be demoing WWIGO which is currently in…More


     My absence from the blogging world has been extremely long and I missed a lot of news and action due to that. Though I have had previous breaks but none of them have lasted this long.  The reason was that I had been working on my startup (Motvik) which kept me very occupied leaving pretty much no time…More


I will be camping at Blogcamp in Chennai and listen to tales of  the very early stage of media 2.0 in India. Hope to learn a lot and also have fun. blogcampMore

Blogcamp – About Media 2.0 and India

I would be most likely attending Blogcamp in Chennai. It aims to be the biggest blogger meet in the country so far.     As I much as I dislike everybody suffixing a 2.0 to everything that they can I am very much guilty myself propogating 2.0 memes. Blogcamp though loosely defines the topic/ theme…More

Rebundling Media by BBC

      If there is one big corporation that understand the deep changes that are taking place in the mediascape and also embracing those changes and preparing itself for the new world order then it has to be the BBC. (Fox comes second and is way behind even with Myspace in its kitty)       Launching of…More

Myspace to India

        Just came across this news Myspace to expand to 11 countries and that  includes India. My previous post Media 2.0 & India seems to be appropriately timed.More

Is India ready for Media 2.0 ?

          I had been chewing this thought for a few weeks now in my head, there is so much discussion about the rise of the new media all over the developed parts of the world but is this new baby been given birth to in India.           A question that is been nagging me…More

War for News

     I am  fed up with the stinking trash spilt out garbed as news by the various regional & English TV channels. But surprisingly I am enjoying the inside dirt of many of these premises( CNN-IBN, Times Now, NDTV). Warfornew is written by an anonymous person who goes by the alias ‘All seeing spy’ and…More

Future of mobile media

       Shawn Connan, co-founder & CEO of Rabble is an extremely smart guy, something which I have mentioned few times earlier. He is a visionary and is far ahead from the rest of the pack in his understanding the mobile & media business. Shawn gave a talk called “User-Generated Content and the Future of Mobile…More

Conversation is king

  Proping up a dead failed mantra and dressing it up in new garbs does not amount to anything. “Director-Asia Pacific, Akamai Technologies, and Jasmeet Singh, VP,, agree on one thing: “Content is King”. Says Singh, “After the euphoria of high-speed, always-on connection dies down, content is the most important factor”  ”  ( via Contentsutra).…More