IITs & Others

Rashmi has an article in which she has good stuff to say about IIIT, she largely quotes alumnus Chandan in the article but nonetheless good things are mentioned by her about IIIT.More

Honda award

            Prof Raj Reddy who is the only Indian Turing award winner is going to be awarded the Honda prize. It is indeed a great moment for Indians and especially to my alma mater. He is the chairman of the board.More

Addition to blogroll

Here is another blog from that gets added to my blog roll bandwagon. Nishkala was my classmate at college & is a colleague now.An avid follower of the Indian stock market, expect to see tips & reviews on the Indian stock market here. I just hope that feeds from this one keep gets updated regularlly…More

Disciple Gnucius

While I was still at college, Stallman(popularly known as RMS) visited us and gave us the ultimate gyaan on what freedom means, the foundataions of (free software & GPL), many of us were inspired and awed by what he said, but some like me later shifted to milder or the less stringent group of what…More

Vasant’s Blog

Added Vasant’s blog to my blogroll. He was my classmate at College, now he is XLRI. He was the most hardworking guy that I have ever known, used to work almost like a robot with utmost precision. He was nicknamed Vasantics for that. It would be quite interesting to check out his posts.More

Brand called IIIT

“Brand” is a very very powerful concept, it deals the power of influence . I have seen couple of people loathe the idea of brand for the unnecessary floss it creates but nonetheless I love the concept of brands very much. Recently had been thinking quite a lot about the brand value/image of IIIT right…More