I love working with founders who are building great products. Especially founders from India building global software brands. I root for them, help them and sometimes nudge them to perform at their peak.

My career path has woven like a crazy quilt – engineer, CEO of an early-stage startup, product manager & head of product & innovation leader at Intuit. Along this experience have put together high-performance teams and built world-class products to win in existing markets and attack new markets. Helped over several dozen founders build their v1 product into a sustainable growth business and assisted a handful of them in to meaningful M&A.

I write about things that interest me here, usually it is about Saas, M&A, Marketing, Learning, Performance, First principle Thinking and translating that for mass consumption.



Last year I a co-authored a guide book on how Indian founders can get to their first $100K in revenue which became a #1 in business books category in India for 3 months and resonated deeply with hundreds of Indian founders.

Value SaaS Basecamp Guide: An Indian founders guide to achieve first $10K MRR by [M, Thiyagarajan, Bajaj, Abhishek, Krishnamoorthy, Prasanna]





I gave a talk to an executive class of founder CEOs at IIM B on the India SaaS opportunity in 2019


More about my professional work mission can be read here. www.upekkha.io


My full name is Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan while my colloquial name is Rajan which confuses humans more than search engines.