TV more interesting but still same

I watch lot more TV these days in comparsion what I used to do a year ago and that is probably the reason I get lesser time to blog :). Either the channels are churning interesting stuff or I am becoming less averse to the kind of programming that I once used to hate , maybe it is both. I still have a distaste for shaky camera effects with blinking flashy lights in many aired programs but I find it a great excercise to observe consumer tastes and behaviour especially the talent hunt shows and contests.

An interesting observation or recent change is that big budget movies  like Om Shanti Om, Sawariyein , Goal, Jab We Met … are being promoted via popular TV shows such as “Star Voice of India”, “Sa re ga ma”, “Nach Baliye”, “Indian Idol”… . I would have not known so much about these movies as such as if they were’nt so heavily promoted on these shows. Which brings to a point that I have been beating again and again that in India we are in so media 1.0 world as marketing economies of scope is still the dominant strategy. It is cheaper and easier to buy attention rather than to build it.

It is just not media everything including web, entreprise, consumers is still yet to see the brim of their 1.0 version in India and hence we can’t witness anything that can be called as 2.0 as the rest of the world defines it.  Infact the opportunity cost of doing a 2.0 business in any of the spheres is extremely high when compared to a 1.0 business while it is the other way round in the other parts of the world ( that’s a topic for a full post by itself)


  1. paresh says:

    Interesting post. Eagerly waiting for the full post on higher opportunity cost :-).

  2. Vardhman says:

    Makes lot of sense to talk about versioning in media sense. I can’t agree more that the TV has been pretty much the same for so many years.
    I am so postponing blogging my own views about the better TV experience and what I expect the set top boxes to be doing rather than the simple usual stuff they do right now. You post should definitely give me more reasons to blog as why Media in India is still so old technologied.

  3. munish says:

    Nice interesting blog. Do visit & comment on my blog.

  4. Rajkumar says:

    What is really irritating is that they promote films on News channels. News channels are supposed to tell news and not openly get into promoting films. Unfortunately all news channels are doing it.

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