MoMo Global and Back

Last week I was in Helsinki and St.Petersburg attending the Mobile Monday global summit. Thanks to the invitation from the folks of Mobile Monday Global/Helsinki I had a great week meeting some cool companies and making many amazing friends across the globe in the late night sun of Finland and chilly winds of Russia.

Though as in Jari’s word’s the CEO of Mobile Monday Global the Mobile Monday Global community can be best described as a body of professional amateurs but the conference was so very well organized that it could put many so called professional conference to shame. It had a stupendous master of cermony in the main hall who choreographed the entire days event beautifully, sessions were precisely timed in every hall, great substance to absorb and a very engaging discussions in each of the hall discussing Mobile Entertainment, Social Media, Asian Mobile market etc. Though the initial part of the day had started with what I would call a boring note with a Gartner presentation on Mobile trends.

The next two days of the meet was scheduled to be held in St.Petersburg and it was a great tour meeting many Russian mobile companies and understanding the Russian Mobile Market in Mobile Monday St.Petersburg


Main agenda of the overall meet was to integrate the MoMo global chapter community with chapter founders/organizers getting to know each other well to build a cohesive globaly community and also to









share the local mobile stories with each other and a wider audience of CxO’s and other general audience in Helsinki/Europe.

Trying to take a count of the number of Mobile Monday Chapters across the globe at any given point of time would be only be inaccurate as it keeps changing very rapidly with almost 3 new chapters are getting added every month, the total count

is more than 55 now. In the Global Summit MoMo organizers from about 20 different chapters were present. It was really great to be able to map names to faces of many with whom I had been only corresponding through emails/IM groups and blogs.

Another cool thing was the chance to meet the founders of some really cool companies in the mobile space such as Fring ( one of my favourite of mobile startups 🙂 ) ,SoonR, Sulake (Mini Friday) , QiRo, MyStrands, Blyk, Fanplugged, Movial. Another interesting startup that launched at Mobile Monday Global is Floobs.It was doubly cool when some of whom I met thought that we were doing interesting stuff at Motvik 🙂

Here are many more flickrs and picassa to browse through.

Lawrence from MoMo Japan snaps here. Bruno- from MoMo Shanghai clicked many pics here. Rudy De Waele of MoMo Barcelone did his photo tricks with his N95 here.

credit: All photos credit goes Rimma Lillemägi, official photographer of the event.


  1. Varun Krish says:

    Hey.. I missed the event completely.. The first invite was sent in may ?

  2. Raja says:

    Good post! and nice pictures!

  3. Amit Handa says:

    Hey Rajan!
    Gr8 stuff dude ! esp ur desc on the invitation page where you are one of the speakers ! how was the event and all ? tk cr, bye

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