video age

You know a trend has reached a zenith of when it takes political tones.

Check out the Hillary 1984 video,v

within a very short time it had hundred more than million views, it is a spoof on the the 1984 ad

which laid the foundation of the mac cult. Year 2004 saw the use of blogs in presidential race in US and that year could termed as a turning point year for blogging. Videos seem to have that turning point this year.


  1. rajan says:

    Amy ! by mistake deleted your comment, I am very sorry about that. I don’t know a way to recover it so reproducing your entire comment. below.

    URL :

    This Hillary 1984 video is getting way overhyped. There are important issues out there more important than clever little internet ad campaigns with no real message, especially one that isn’t even original.


    My response to your comment
    When message gets political overtone it suddenly becomes extremely important or hyped about, everything including the tool is looked at with awe, I think that is what is happening. I was trying to point out the relevance or importance of the medium rather than the video(/content) itself.


  2. demigod031 says:

    its ok…thanks for the taking an effort to post it again. 😀

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