Broadband Delight

After days and weeks of agonizingly sipping bits from a dialup and my mounting frustration force fedback by an unbelievably bizarre customer care center  at BSNL I had really reached my patience threshold. Now after a month had passed by and I placed almost 100+ calls I had stopped counting the delay. Yesterdaly I finally placed that call to Airtel to apply for their UL600 broadband connection.

To my wee delight I recieved my BSNL broadband connection today evening 🙂 (No it is not coincidence). I quickly ran through my account settings and did a speed test  and though the UL 900 plan is  supposed to be 256 kpbs the test at speedtest showed a download speed of 385 Kpbs and upload speed of 58 Kbps. All of this looks so delusional but if this for real then for me the business is back to usual 🙂

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