Rebundling Media by BBC

      If there is one big corporation that understand the deep changes that are taking place in the mediascape and also embracing those changes and preparing itself for the new world order then it has to be the BBC. (Fox comes second and is way behind even with Myspace in its kitty)

      Launching of Audience created stations by BBC is another steps which shows that it steadily moving in the right path. Now according to the old control-everything-mindset of thinking this could be the most blasphemous thing to do but it is reallya  brilliant move.   Many are & will be baffled by this as one commenter says in adrant forum says.  

      “Im also wondering how BBC user controlled broadcasting is going to work – will the user controlled stations compete for Search Engine and Broadcast share with the BBC itself? Will listeners and viewers find themselves listening to a user generated BBC news station over the regular BBC? Will users mix their own news with the BBC news feed”

     Some time ago the BBC opened up their content and now they have provided the tools to rebundle them and it is as simple as that.

    IMO Others in the industry will sit up and take notice on what the beeb is doing  but will take very long to actually embrace the changes in the media landscape.

     Btw to understand why what BBC did makes a ton of sense read this post by  John hagel’s on future of media. It can’t be explained in more elucidating way.

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