Barcamp Hyderabad Prep

       Barcamp Hyderabad preparation is going on exteremely well, response so far has been great. There has been good coverage in traditional print media as well as in the blogosphere. Here is a link to an article written by DNAIndia on Barcamps in India, it is erroneously referred to in the article that it was authored by K Sriniprasad. It was written by Jayalakshmi Menon as she was the one who contacted Ramesh here and also Kiruba at chennai to gather and write the story.

    Ramesh said that a question that was brought up quite pertinently during the chat  was whether there was any competition that was going on between Barcamp Chennai and   Barcamp Hyderabad as they are organized on the same date. As I said earlier both the barcamps happening on the same day was just a matter of co-incidence. Also now both Barcamp Chennai  and   Barcamp Hyderabad is planning to have a video conference session between them on a common topic. Competition among barcamps would kill the spirit behind the whole spriit of barcamp. Barcamp is inclusive and not exclusive. 

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  1. prashant says:

    That’s True . BarCamp Stands for Lowering the Bar for shared learning . this is not encouraging that BarCamp HYD and CHE are on same day . but I guess this is pretty much natural in any decentralized system like BarCamp specially when the whole idea is very nascent in this part of world folks are not very familiar with it .

    we have reached a limitations on Barcamp Banglore . only 100 folks and 30 sessions . we are still operating within constraints . i know many folks who can’t register in Banglore BarCamp because they don’t know where is the wiki ?

    so if you are not in “that” circle you miss the news . no public channel covers it . thank fully this time NDTV is covering BarCamp Banglore

    I guess a good solution would be to have a common wiki or blog with links to local chapters but I guess any forced structure is not good at this stage . let the thing flourish in its own way . Enjoy the Chaos and wait to reach K-T boundary

    see you folks at Banglore

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