OrangeHues notes on BarcampDelhi

Manu is a Usability expert based out of NCR and he runs an beautifully designed blog called OrangeHues. I thoroughly enjoy his posts, he has that strategic way of analyzing technology which I have never come across any India based technology bloggers in my years of blog reading 🙂 [Ofcourse leave aside Atanu Dey because he does not write about technology specificly and moreover he is an economist].

I try to use the strategic (based on underlying economics) approach to technology which I find is the best way to look at technology but he beats me thoroughly in it 🙂

Manu attended barcamp at Delhi and has posted wonderful notes. Do read his posts in which writes to think in right direction about the technology/talk involved


  1. Manu Sharma says:

    Thanks Rajan! And twice over… for this post and for helping me discover Atanu Dey’s blog. 🙂

  2. manik says:

    Rajan, I agree with you. I met him at the Barcamp, and am very impressed too.

  3. rajan says:

    Hi Manik,

    Yeah Manu is really very smart !!

    Great to see your work on Ruby on Rails , I used to play around with 5 months ago when I had lot of free time but now since my core work does’nt involve so don’t work on it much but it is sure fun.

    Btw you guys are rocking the tech scene in Delhi , I moved out from Delhi 2 years ago that it tech action is down here south ( in bangalore and hyderabad) but there is so much happening there 🙂 Good to see the planning of PHP meet.


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