Barcamp in Delhi

Very Exciting things happening !! A barcamp is being organized in Delhi. If you are new to the terminology then check out Nivi’s post on how barcamp came about. Wish I could go to delhi to attend that :(, I moved out from delhi thinking all technology action is to happen in Hyderabad and Bangalore and first of barcamp is being organized in Delhi.  I would love to see barcamps either in hyderabad or bangalore where I can participate.


  1. ripul says:

    Rajan, would it be possible to oraganize one of these unconferences (may or may not be BarCamp) at IIIT Hyderabad? Space may not be problem, other things can be worked out…

    – Ripul

  2. mindwarrior says:

    Rajan, why not go ahead and do it? We have the facilities in IIIT itself? We anyways have the alumni talks that the faculty were interested in too. Why not make this a mix of both. The barcamp can as well go be our alumni talk.

    I mean we hear so much about web2.0 & how its affecting the economy… Its much talked about. Probably thats good one for the start?

  3. Rajan says:

    Hi Kopos,

    Making it a alumni talk will not be a great idea, a barcamp should be barcamp , only those interested in it should self register while we can promote the idea in general. Are you sure we shall be able to get some space facilities here at IIIT. Can you help me coordinate the space arrangements with IIIT I am a little crunched with time , I am all for having it hyderabad 🙂


  4. Ripul Kumar says:

    It may be worthwhile to find out if any IT company in Hyderabad can host this in one of their big rooms with empty walls that can be used as show boads.

  5. Vijay says:


    You have to keep me informed about this. I am in Chennai, working with one of the IIT based groups. If required I am sure I could arrange for some location within the IITM campus. Do let me know.

    And I agree with you, a barcamp is supposed to be a free-speech event where we can just throw around ideas and forget about organised flows… disruptive technology just doesnt happen that way 🙂

    Do keep in touch.


  6. Rajan says:

    Hi Ripul & Vijay,

    Kopos is helping in figuring out to have this event planned here, we are exploring space arrangments here at IIIT.

    Will keep posted.


  7. Gaurav says:

    Rajan and others – are you in touch with ThiyagaRajan who is also trying to organize a BarCamp in Hyd? If not, please email me and I will introduce you to him. It appears on the surface that Hyd would have more techies and a BarCamp in Hyd should see better participation. But I am totally jazzed at the number of people that have registered for BarCamp Delhi so far! I think we will end up having almost 20 sessions that day!

  8. Rajan says:

    Ah !!!

    The eternal confusion 🙂 Rajan & Thiyagarajan are same. Rajan is my colloquial name, the full name Thiyagaraja.


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