Quantifying Risk

Quantitative Risk analysis. Should be good, if you are into this kind of stuff. I have to  got to read “Fooled By Randomness” first to understand this :), though I must say that  the excerpts of the book were brilliant.    More

unintended consequence

 A brilliant post on the law of unintended consequences at a blog titled Mahalanobis(does it ring any bell 🙂 ), its title would sure make you  read it 😉 Sexy Maids and Unintended ConsequencesMore

interesting conference

        I am surprised that such a kind of conference is happening but it is a step in the right direction.  Geeks & economists colloborating to think about techno-socio-econmic issues surrounding the network economies. WINE 2005: The 1st Workshop on Internet and Network Economics        More

Programming vs coding

Of late I have been observing a lot of my friends (many who were collegemates) that I know are taking a view of coding to be unsavoury. I find this trend a little disturbing. Maybe we need to distinguish between coding & programming. I could say coding = programming minus all the fun aspects of…More

Roundup on startupschool

   Startupschool was an event organized by Paul Graham last month. It was a phemomenal success & folks there got to meet Woz. I wish I could have been there but the physical distance made it impossible for me to be at the event 😦   But thanks to technology(blogs) I could get the experience of…More

Brewing the future well

         I was going through some of the slides at Qualcomm BREW conference held back in June in San Diego . ( I wish that the Indian BREW conference proceedings/videos are also published  likewise).  I have heard about BREW quite long ago but having looked at it in a little more detail…More

Keep and scroll what I not need

     There is one big problem that we face in IM, as we make more online friends and acquaintances our IM list goes on increasing. It is quite a task to keep scrolling the IM window to reach a particular buddy when one knows that many in the list that one keeps scrolling over…More