Killer article from TechReview

              Very intriguing stuff on ubiquitious computing by senior editor of MIT’s Technology Review. Read the article/post titled Social machines, it is from Aug 2005 issue of the maganize but I got around to read it now.More

Mobile music growth

I had penned a few thoughts( pretty basic & rough) quite some time ago on how to align incentives in music downloading and got reminded of that when I saw this piece about the growth of mobile music in contentsutra. I am pretty sure that the big telcos would instead waste huge sums of money…More

3 launches see me TV

I got the link to this from so many different disparate sources today. These are the kind of services that will take of in a big big way. This is going to be huge because the incentives are aligned very well. It’s being dubbed as the most democratic reality TV. In this anyone can be…More

More on mobile

    Was going through some of my referrer logs , many of the hits to my blog site has been search on web 2.0 ( ok !! majority has been about  the iipm war redux but after that it has been about  web 2.0). I also happened to go through sanyam‘s blog post where he…More

Net is a giant switchboard

      I was there at the TiE ISB connect a few months ago & was witnessing the elevator pitches over there and as I have mentioned before I went away after 2-3 pitches as they were quite squib. Recently I came across this website called ResolveQuery which mentions that it was a contestant in the…More