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Pseudo random surfing lead me to this wonderful blog called “My Career, Sans Ladder”, for some reason I wanted to reproduce this post from the blog. (I must declare that every word in the text was written by the author of the blog. I am not tyring to rip it, but archiving it in my memex(aka blog) for my future reference as I liked the post a lot & also to get the blog a little more attention capital. I will remove this post if the author objects to it 🙂 )

“There’s plenty of reasons, including most of standard ones, but I think the situation can be summed up well with a sports analogy…no matter which sport you look at, there have been very few teams who have had an undefeated season and then go on to win the championship. There comes a point in each season where a team has to choose between keeping a streak alive or possibily losing a game to learn a lesson, which may eventually teach them how to become a champion.

Well, my first few years out of college were sort of like that winning streak. I got a great job after graduation and then transferred to an even better one less than a year later. Problem was, I didn’t really enjoy either one – they both paid well and I was able to live comfortably because of them, but neither felt like they really “fit”.

What happened was I could see (and almost feel) myself getting trapped in that career rut…work wasn’t bad by any means and if it ain’t broke, then don’t break it, right? Why voluntarily walk away from a decent lifestyle when you don’t have to? Because I decided why win at a game I didn’t want to play? Rather than continuing along getting jobs that were good enough but not meant for me, why not take a loss and learn some stuff that will hopefully help me out in the future (after all, I’ve always wanted to celebrate with champagne in the locker room).

I’ve got this crazy belief that as the world continues to get flatter we’re not going to have the option to do work we don’t enjoy. As global competition increases we better be able to devote the best of ourselves to our career or else there’s not going to be a lot of opportunity to do something else. Quitting my job is a way to re-calibrate myself for the future to make sure I’m adding the most I can to my work.”

Wow what a brilliantly crafted post( original post here).(Bolding is mine)

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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the link Rajan.

    Of course I don’t mind you posting stuff from my blog here…just glad you enjoy it. And boy, reading thru what I wrote, I hope I can live up to my own ideals. The longer I was without a job, the more pressure there was to take anything, whether it fit or not.

    I’ll post more about it on my site soon, but I recently took a job that is in someways very similar to what I was trying to get away from in the above post. I’m interested to see how I’ll do with a similar position, but in a brand new industry and environment.

    Look forward to reading more of your site,

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