Disciple Gnucius

While I was still at college, Stallman(popularly known as RMS) visited us and gave us the ultimate gyaan on what freedom means, the foundataions of (free software & GPL), many of us were inspired and awed by what he said, but some like me later shifted to milder or the less stringent group of what raymond propogates (open source) and many forgot it all. But one person whom I know who really believes it and sticks to it and took it as his job to champion the cause of free software is my room mate in college. [RMS you have managed to convince at least one person that I know to adopt the true rigour that you advocate]
Recently I met him during my recent hyderabad trip and he is been doing some excellent work in evangelizing free software.He is been touring dozen of schools all around AP promoting the idea of Free software. Great work roomie & Keep it up.!! Now with the long hair you grown you have started resembling the saint gnucius 🙂
While in college he was the darling of many, friends, faculty etc, very soft spoken & humble guy and the best technical brain that one can find, trully a rare breed. Everyone wanted to be a friend or know him:) I always say that he is a person with the highest IQ that I have ever met in the college.Now with him evangelizing the idea of open source & free software with such great PASSION I see that he will go far in popularizing it in AP to beginwith.
Roomie I just wish / hope & urge that you embrace many more medium (like blog) to spread your thoughts.
PS: It is ok with me if you don’t answer my calls or emails because I know you are busy working on the evangelizing free software 🙂

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