verticalized job search engine for India

Came across this site called bixee a la Highly interesting, I am going to closely track their progress.

I see a huge scope for taking up cool/viable interesting concepts of web 2.0 elsewhere & apply it to Indian markets. Ofcourse one has to understand the dynamics of indian markets & culturally contextualize these applications. Just to quote an example the founder of Anupam Mittal got inspired by the idea of and created a match making site for indian not for dating but for coordinating marriage proposals. He knew that dating site would be meaningless for an indian context and thus created which is now the largest social software network.



  1. Hi Rajan,

    Glad to see your interest in BIXEE. You may be interested to know that the Sep 25 issue of Business Today recently wrote an article about BIXEE in the Jobs Today section. Unfortunately, they do not make it available on the web to non-subscribers, but notice by bloggers like you and mainstream media like BT is a huge shot in the arm for us.

    The BIXEE Team

  2. Rajan says:

    Bixee Team Members,

    Do you have a blog where I can post
    any feedback if I like to ?

  3. We have not started a blog yet, but it is in the works.

    Meanwhile, we would be delighted if you could email your comments – contactus bixee com

  4. Rajan says:

    Nice blog there Himanshu !!


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