Wireless Hot Hot !!

Tremendous action going on in the wireless field currently. Lots of technologies in the market EVDO, WCDMA(Qualcomm offerings when combined with skype causing some serious dents to telco voice revenues ), WiMax ( Hyped lot but a very potential 3G disruptor) , Flash – OFDM( best wireless technology seen so far, promises 4G into reality) , Bluetooth(long thougt dead, kicking alive more than ever) ,UWB (USB wireless recently its specs were released) .

A lot of this action is happening here in India, C-DoT signed up with Vanu Inc ( it is a dream company for me since when I started dreaming about companies) for test deploying software radios. ( I had made my mind thinking that they will take another 10 years to come up in market). A big telco carrier working with Flarion for testing out their OFDM technology.

Cool innovations being turned out by the prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala at IIT-M with the work he is doing on corDeCT and also now that after I have left my college they started a strong program in Wireless communication ( doing work in the area of OFDM & Adboc networks : )

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