I have quite a fascination for Godel, his incomplete’s theorem was a pure aha !! moment for me the first time I heard it.
It was Roger Penrose’s Emperor’s New Mind where I learnt it first, then later ofcourse in my Theory of Computation course.

Now why am I rambling about Godel all of a sudden. I was reading blog posts on the primer movie by other bloggers and I saw this wonderful post on a blog titled “chooky fuzzbang“.It’s an excellent post !! ( Warning, if you want to watch the movie primer and don’t like spoilers read this post after you have watched the movie)

But what I found more interesting was the series of posts on Godel here which is just simply superb. If you really want to understand in plain words what the Godel’s theoram is, this is one place to go definitely.

Repeat After me !!
A system that is complete will be incosistent
And a system which is consistent will be incomplete


  1. ironhide says:

    I started reading stuff about self referentialism after starting off here..

    i found this http://www.gwei.org/gwei/

    that claims to be the biggest live experiment of self referentialism

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