Ideas and People – Do they obey pigeon hole priniciple

It’s often been the case that I would have thought of something that someone else would have thought of it too .

My last such observation relates to an applicatio of RFID.

RFID as someone explained has more uses in downstream application rather than upstream applications of tracking inventory. I thought sometime ago how cool it would be if there were some RFID reader in clothes in some clothes which could pop up an image of you in those clothes maybe say in your camera enabled phone in those clothes and show a 360 degree view.

Well I just read a old entry here now which is somewhat simillar and talks about some existing such app.

This kinda situation has happened to many times and I think many would have faced such situations. Well this leads me to think that

Ideas = Pigeon Holes(M)
People = Pigeon (N)

And atleast one pigeon has to go to an already occupied pigeon hole given that M

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