An Amazing Indian Rock Band

A few days ago I was searching for something on technorati and I stumbled upon this really cool Indian Rock band called Thermal And A Quarter . And yes it is based out of Bangalore. I have vaguely heard about them and also seen the photos of these fella’s before but never checked out their music. After having listened to their music now I am liking them very much.
They have an album called Plan B on their site which is free for download & sharing( yeppiiee !!!! ) under a license called Thermal And A Quarter music license. I downloaded it all and is currently on my playlist. If you like rock then you must check this out.

I would urge to check out their complete site, they have lyrics and some nice quotes as well.
Two of my favourite of them.

– “Frank Zappa once said that rock journalism is about people who can’t write interviewing people
who can’t talk for people who can’t read” { Along with the song ‘Paper Puli’)

– “Love is not love anymore. Its an ideology. Love is an excuse for sex; too bad if you don’t know the move. Love is an art form; too bad if you are not arty enough. Love is a TV commercial; too bad if you are not glam enough. Love is a game of genetics; too bad if you are genes are low cut. Love is about was; too bad if you are not armed to tits. Love lives in the gutter; in the borderlines between man and woman. If you are not subscribed in the Big Plan, then you are out. Where do you start to make sense of this world? Cynical you bet.” ( Along with the song ‘Cynical World’

Bruce Lee Mani the lead singer of the band has a blog and so does the band itself.

Wonder when Nitin ( I call him the Indian Axl Rose) of Parikrama is going to start a blog. I know they have very busy schedules for writing blogs but still would love to see a blog from their band.

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