Pepsi’s Lousy Ad

I have previously blogged that I love Ads as much as I love technology & music. I get a thrill/kick when I watch real cool Ads but then also my blood boils when I see a lousy Ad.

The latest Pepsi Ad airing on all major TV channels these days called “Bubli” is one of most lousiest Ad that I have seen in the recent time. First of all I am no big fan of Shah Rukh Khan but even if rest that fact aside for a moment I still can’t figure out what this Ad is all about.

Ad’s by the likes of big companies are basically a big brand building activity. Well to begin with the concept of brand itself is shallow. ( because brands try to associate meaning with the products rather than trying to discover the true meaning & portray them). But even if Ads( a methodology/mechanism for brand building) are just about association of meaning I still love it because of the potential creativity or coolness that are brought into it many a times.

In this pepsi’s Ad every thing around SRK ( teenage girl’s navel, guitar’s mouth, dolls, garage ….) everybody seem to be saying “bubbli” when they see a pepsi bottle, now I don’t know whatever it means. I don’t see anything coool about this ad or any coolness attached to it. Everytime I see this Ad running on TV , I just feel like smashing the TV. Incidentally I was disucssing this with a couple of friends and everybody unanimously poohed poohed the Ad.

Normally when I buy a soft drink I have no preference about coke/pepsi. Whatever I utter first I buy that drink . If I recall it is was equal probability I got both of the drinks. But now thanks to this Ad, I will make sure that I never buy Pepsi even if there is no stock of any other soft drink.

I would really like to meet the great genius who devised this Ad, I want to give him a piece of my mind.

Note to Pepsi: Now that I have pledged not to buy your drink why don’t you think different win a customer base that can become a loyal (or hyper-loyal) to you.

We are in 2005 and get to see such lousy Ads , 21 years Apple made this terrific Ad called “1984” which was the genesis & catalyst of the mac fanatacism of the mac lovers. Absolutely Brilliant Ad !! A must see if you have’nt seen it before.

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  1. ironhide says:

    I dont know who directed the ads but I am praying it is not prahalad kakkar..I expect far better things than this from him..

    its definetly one of the worst ad campaigns pepsi has had in a looong time

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