Mark Knopfler concert

Yesterday I attended mark knopfler’s concert, it was an exhilarating experience. His unique voice and way of playing guitar can’t be imitated by anyone which is what makes him such a great legend. The concert started with the ‘Why Aye man’ song at abou 7.45 pm and then he went to play these songs without taking a break.( Just amazing !!) – Walk of Life – Sailing to Philadelphia – Romeo and Juliet ( The live performance was a lot slower than the Cd version) – Sultans of Swing – A song which I have’nt before – Donegan’s Gone – Boom Like that – Telegraph Road – Brother in Arms – Money for nothing ( Brilliant guitar) – Another song not that I have not heard before – So far away from me – Speedway at Nazareth
In the list above I might have missed out some songs that he played.

Many in the crowd tried to record( video & audio) the performance using their cellphones. I felt that was quite dumb because one the purpose of a live performance is to be heard live. Second using rudimentary cameras ( not even 1 mp in the phones yet) and voice recorders ( which encode using AMR or at the most AMR-Wb ) how can you expect to capture those wonderful delicate guitar renditions. They would have all got only dismal quality video and audio files.

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  1. Are you from iimb btw?

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