Blog roll as centirc node in social networking

Blog roll in a block has importantance and a lot of relevance. It can be searched and can act as a social link ( and can be function as a social networking. ). Well that is how I discover people. A blog as a center of your social network. Every person is not inclined to go and social networking but what in case if it so happens that everyone is ready to blog, then create a network around that person with that person as the center. Anyone would like to come to him due to his idea and would also link to others because they would tend to think that linked persons also have simillar idea. On a micropayment you can share your blogroll. A blogging software integrated with a payment server and an open ended social networking site. Every person can put his contacts on his blogroll. For someone to get an access to anyones contacts/blogroll the person has to pay the owner. The payment kind should be in ( cash/social cash ). Make this optional for the user to make it payment based. Create incentives to use the payment based model. A seamless integration of of blogging software and a social network software.
Point to further ponder over is that at times the link is given more importance than the fact how the link came into existence at the first place and when someone else is going to want leverage that link then if the reason for leveraging is totally different from how the link came into existence.

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