At San Diego

I feel like a 6 month old toddler thrown out in a pool of water and asked to learn to swim. Long days, late nights and early mornings ( the thing that I hate the most ) is pretty much of a day for me here. Thankfully I am not working on weekends though I have to sync up with India team on Sunday evenings as it is Monday morning in India.
I go out to see different places on the weekends. Laguna Beach & New port beach. I have then been to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) beach , 20 miles drive from where I stay. I stay in a place called Rancho Bernardo which is in San Diego county. I have been to the San Diego bay which is right next to the airport. I think this is the only city which has its airport right in the middle of the city.I drove across a bridge which is built over the sea and it connects to a place called “Coronado Island”. Near the bay there is a hangout place called Seaport village, I spent the evening there and near this place there is a museum of old ships, In this musuem there is a ship stationed here since the 19th century which is called “STAR OF INDIA”, the first ship to reach the state ofAmerica from India.
Then I travelled in the local train just roaming around , got down at a place called “Old town” which is supposedly the birthplace of California. It was very late in the night so could not see a lot here. Yet to be visited places are the zoo and sea world in San Diego which are supposed to be really fabolous.
Along with friends drove to the America/Mexico border and watched the mexican huts/roofs standing from the US side. Reminds you of India.

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