Some Definitions/Thoughts

Someone pointed to me that I have’nt been posting much on the two things ( Business /Technology ) that I have mentioned in the title of the blog. So here are some of my definitions/random thoughts on it. Business to me loosely means making profit out of the sale of goods or service.It has a financial aspect, industrial aspect and a commercial aspect. A business model lists how an organization is to operate in order to generate profit expressed in concise high level terms. The business model should be based on some solid fundamentals, it should be scalable and resilient. Technology is the application of science to the arts. The advances in theoretical knowledge, tools and equipment that drive industry. It is the know how or the information The nature of goods/services that I would like to focus on is that of technology. Technology and productivity have a lag of around 20 years. This was true in the case of Industrial revolution.PC revolution technology had started/set in during 1980’s the productivity increase would seen in now. The socio-economic impact of a particular killer application/technology is what gives it the killer edge and not its scientific/theoratical superiority. A killer app/technology should potentially create a market for itself. A market is a conversation. Marketing is about creating a conversation about a particular thing.

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