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Those of you who visit my blog frequently might find the fact odd that I talk about wanting to be an entrepreneur but then have so many Management grad’s on my blogroll. Well one of the reason I have so many of Management guys on my blogroll is to find out what these folks at management colleges really do. I am trying to decided whether I want to do an MBA and if yes then whether this is right time for me to take up MBA. Basically the two things are not tangentially different. I am trying to evaluate the fact to ride through the journey of life as an entrepreneur , do I need to first travel in super-fast express train. I would also keep posting my latest thinking on that. There are certain subjects that I would have liked to learn at college but could not take up those. some of these subjects are – Economics ( This I miss the most ) – Finance – Organizational Behaviour. plus a couple of others Positive points of going for an MBA – A course at an MBA college would enable me to study some of these subjects mentioned above. – An MBA university would enable me to make great a network and friends for life. – A top university or college’s MBA degree could add immense value to the brand called “Thiyagarajan” /”Rajan” 🙂 – Help me develop my lateral thinking. There are also threats attached – Focus out of technology space/sphere maybe waned. An interesting related read what from MBA

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