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This blog thing is taking the world like storm. More and more people are getting familiarized with it everyday. But I guess there is still more popularity and acceptance that needs to be generated about this thing called blog. There are so many cool people out there who have amazing blogs. There are still so many many cool people out there who don’t blog yet. But a blog from a couple of people I am sure I would like and enjoy.

One such person would be my roommate/dear friend at college, Sunil Mohan who was the considered the guy with highest IQ in the campus. He is such a geek that you give any hardware/software system he would figure it out how it works and would fix all issues around it. Anybody and everybody including even the director/dean of our college turn to him when nothing else works.
He is also a staunch supporter of Free software foundation.Once ‘Richard Stallman’ visited our college and since then he has become so obsessed with free software. I have urged him time and again to start a blog and he says he does’nt have the time. I am anxiously waiting for him to start one.

Another person would be Rajagopal Subramaniam . I somehow sometime back in college stumbled on this guy’s website who is from IITB. Normally I would have passed it as another website by someone. But there are a couple of things that this guy had in his home page that makes me want to visit him again. I also shot him an email , urging him to start a blog. He says very soon he will start one.

I also would love to see blogs from the Director of my college, something like what Prof Sadagopan Director IIIT -B writes . But I also understand that he keeps very busy. He did not even reply to the mail I sent him suggesting him the idea of starting a blog. I guess his BayesSpam would have stopped my mails reaching his mailbox 😦

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    Love what you have to say

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