My answers to questions on ‘An Entrepreneur’s Early Days’

This post by Rajesh on ‘ An Entrepreneur’s Early Days’ is like pearls of wisdom about entrepreneurship from someone who is been an entrepreneur already and experienced failures and successes. He raises some interesting questions related to various aspects about wanting to be an entrepreneur.. Some of my personal answer to these are: Ofcourse I am definitely going to that leap soon. Being an entrepreneur is definitely a risk. An entrepreneur is a calculated risk taker, a risk reducer rather. I would not take the risk of not taking any risk at all. “Where will the capital come from ?” I will think about it a little later. 🙂 “What if one fails ?” I am ready to face the situation if failure fails to elude me. I did not get to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle before I fell down umpteen number of times. “Do I have capability to become an entrepreneur ?” I believe that I am destined to become an entrepreneur and if it is so then I should be capable of becoming one. Steve N Tyler sings in one of his songs ‘Life’s journey, just a journey not a destination’. I believe that is very much true and I want to go on that junket.

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